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History of the brand

The history of Röndell has become a legend. The annals of Röndell are made up of unique discoveries and bold decisions that have led the brand to success through recognition and love of its consumers.

Middle ages

During the Crusades and the bloody struggle for power, tens of thousands of knights from all over Europe flocked to Germany. Their goal was the famous gun workshops of Lower Saxony, famous for exceptionally light and reliable daggers. The name of these daggers, which had a crushing force in battles, was Röndell.

Year 1988

A well-known German restaurateur Gustav Schmidt acquires and reconstructs the plant for the production of metal utensils in the West German city of Salzgitter. Together with a group of engineers from the University of Bavaria, he starts to improve the existing technologies for the production of tableware and to develop completely new ones.

Röndell, a new trademark, is registered. At its first presentation, Gustav Schmidt utters the words that defined the spirit, the strategy and the purpose of Röndell: "Tradition and nobility of knight weapons must find a continuation in dishware for the kitchen."

Year 1989

Röndell starts to produce steel cookware for professional chefs. The use of the latest technologies and materials of the highest quality in the production very soon provides Röndell with recognition and popularity among the masters of cooking – chefs of leading European restaurants, bars, cafes.

Year 1991

The Röndell range is complemented by a range of aluminum cookware.

Year 2001

For 12 years already, Röndell has been firmly holding the leading position in the market of professional tableware for the masters of Haute cuisine.

Year 2006

Using similar professional-oriented technologies and materials, Röndell is setting up the production of tableware for the home.

Röndell quality management system is being implemented: based on direct communication with the consumer, accounting and processing of each request addressed to the company.

Year 2007

Röndell starts its sales in Russia, CIS, Baltic and Eastern Europe. Röndell tableware appears in such large Russian retail chains as Eldorado, Perekrestok, Carousel, Auchan.

Year 2008

Sales of Röndell in CIS countries are growing: brand boutiques are opening, our goods appear in all shopping centers of the MediaMarkt international network.

Developments in the field of cooking technologies for tasty and healthy food are continuing. Together with leading industrial designers in Europe and America, we’re working at improving the design and style of the dishes.

New design collections are created: Stern, Champagne, Vintage, Evolution.

Year 2010

The National Guild of chefs confirms Röndell's compliance with high quality standards and recommends Röndell dishes for professional use.

Röndell continues to collaborate with the best chefs and culinary schools in Europe, winning a number of awards in the sphere of product quality and consumer preferences.

Year 2014

Röndell launches production of high quality cast iron cookware using Danish DISA equipment. In the brand's assortment you receive the ware made from the unique two-color cast: the maroon one with internal enamel of milk colour and dark red in combination with black interior enamel.